Tuesday, May 8, 2012

some thoughts on blogging and photos

Sorry for the overload of instagram pics on the blog and lack of "real camera" pics lately. I don't know why it even matters but apart of my blogger heart feels like it does. 

I was actually talking to Chas about this little dilemma while we were at the farm last weekend. You see, I had brought our DSLR and planned on taking some nice photos of us there but ended up purposely leaving the camera in the car. Sometimes, I just want to enjoy the moment and the experience without having to worry about carrying around a big camera and getting good pics, ya know? When I feel like taking pictures becomes more of a chore than anything else, that's the signal that blogging is playing a bigger role in my life than it should. 

That's when instagram will just have to do. 

Thanks for coming back to this little blog even though the posts aren't filled with magazine worthy photos. 

I do hope that this blog is, however, always filled with just real life and honesty. 
Because I think that's what's most important. 


mommaruthsays said...

Absolutely! Fancy photos do not a good blog make - it's all about the content, what you put out there and how you express yourself.

If it weren't for my phone, I'd have missed out on a lot of *special moment* photos here lately. I never take my DSLR with me anywhere anymore!

Erin said...

Your blog is amazing and I like instagram photos anyway. My blog also lacks quality photos because I don't even own a DSLR. Sometimes it drives me crazy that I don't have a nicer camera, but sometimes it's nice to just live in the moment too. And sometimes words paint a better picture anyway.

The Michelle Show said...

Girl I feel ya.
Sometimes I feel guilty for having some big crazy expensive camera and leaving it behind. But real life comes first.

KC Barnwell said...

I feel the same way. Sometimes I'm so caught up taking pictures that I forget to enjoy myself! And don't worry, you'll be snapping photos of your kiddos for the rest of your life, take the break while you can!

LaynahRose said...

That's so true.
I think it's funny when I see so many people struggling with cameras at important events, when it would be so much more fulfilling to just live it. I find myself doing the saaame thing though.

Don't you wish you could just have your own personal photographer anytime it suited your fancy? ha.

Jenna said...

Hey, I'm still rocking the crappy cam and I don't even have a smartphone let alone Instagram. Blogging should be more about the words, less about the pictures. I'm always in love with what you have to say! Your pictures are great, too, but your words are so touching and poignant.

simply megan. said...

Yes yes and yes!! I totally get where you're coming from. I feel like that all the time! Sometimes it's good to just step back and take in the moment :)

Kylie said...

I've read lots of blogs with perfect pictures and perfect outfits posted every day, and I've never stuck with any of them for a significant amount of time. I've stuck with yours for so much longer because of the "real"-ness of your posts. I love when you do post pictures, but mostly I love your honest writing and lifestyle. :)