Wednesday, July 18, 2012

days together

me and hero's days together are pretty quiet. she sleeps and eats. i get myself ready for the day and do some chores around the house. sometimes hero helps me with the laundry. 

i like our days together. the slow pace is nice and different from what i'm used to. i'm not working at the moment and that's been different but nice as well. 

i had plans to continue teaching at uvu in the fall but, unfortunately, my night class had to be given to a full-time faculty member to fill their schedule. there's still the possibility that i could get the class back for the winter semester but i'm pretty bummed that i can't teach this fall. i was really looking forward to it. i've been teaching that class for three years now and i absolutely love doing it. the department gave me a list of available classes for me to teach and said i could have my pick but it doesnt look like any of them will work for me. double bummer. i just keep trying to remind myself that it must be the best thing right now. sometimes, a closed door ends up leading to an open window. 

and even if it's just a closed door and nothing more, that would be ok, too. sad, but ok. because even if i never teach again, i'll still have slow, quiet days with hero girl. and there's something about clean baby laundry and tiny baby socks that makes everything feel right in the world. 


Sky said...

Love that picture!

What happened to the post with the Estefan movie? It was really cool.

meme-and-he said...

Glad you are feeling optimistic about things...hopefully it will work to get that class back in the future. I am sure the students will miss you! :)

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

such a bummer but now you will get extra snuggles with your baby girl!

Erin said...

You will always be Hero's teacher. :)

A FANCY DAY said...

I worry that the slower days will be hard for me too once we do have a baby one day, but I know that it will be way more fun than any job. I do hope you get to teach that class sometime soon though, I think it's important to keep doing the things we love.

Nicole said...

i had a really fun time just scrolling through your most recent posts. can i just say you have a gorgeous baby?! literally like more gorgeous than normal babies. :)