Monday, September 3, 2012

a good man

this weekend chas:

worked with me until late at night on a new, exciting project (more about this to come!).

drove all around the salt lake valley with me in search of a new computer (still on the hunt).

joined me in laughing until we cried (craughing?) while trying to say our nighttime prayers. (have you ever tried to pray aloud while you have the uncontrollable giggles for no reason at all? not that easy. not that easy.)

listened, rubbed my back, and got me lots of tissues while i had a reeeeeally big, ugly-face cry.

took care of hero almost all day on sunday (including getting her all dressed up fancy for church).

made homemade pizza with garden fresh basil for sunday dinner.


a good man isn't so hard to find around these parts.


Janssen said...

What a sweet husband - so glad you guys have each other.

Marci said...

pretty sure "craughing" put a huge smile on my face. :) Love your bloggity blog!

Summer Inc said...

:) This made me smile! Love the picture as well!

Meg said...

this is so sweet!
seems like you and Hero are lucky girls :)