Tuesday, September 18, 2012

at-home date ideas

Hi there! I'm Eliza, the voice behind Case Study - a lifestyle blog that focuses on my obsession with autumn + my love of traveling, knitting, doing the laundry, and wearing stripes. I'm currently enamored with sending/receiving mail + busy checking things off my 22 while 22 list.

Last fall Thomas + I got married, which means our first anniversary is coming up soon - and it's been a crazy, busy year between the wedding, graduation, two moves, and a new job + move on the horizon! Translation - our need for quality "us" time has increased drastically. Our solution has definitely been to put more emphasis on making our day-to-day routine special. Going out for the occasional dinner + move is still wonderful fun, but because we simply don't always have the time/money/resources for going out, we've come up with a few things that make dating at home still feel special.

+ Weekend Brunch // Cook together. Try new recipes. Eat outside. Eat in bed. Get dressed up!

+ Movie + Dinner // Wear heels. Write out a menu of what's being served, and lay it across his plate. Turn off the lights and light candles. Put on some music. Serve dessert!

+ Sleepover // Push the furniture out of the way. Bring out the sleeping bags. Set up with plenty of blankets and pillows. Rent 4 or 5 movies. Get snacks. Put on your pajamas. {Even if you are married/living together, send a text/email early in the day + invite him to stay overnight. A little flirting never hurts!}

+ Share the Love // Bake for the local nursing home staff. Volunteer. Borrow your sisters' kids + go to the park. Be creative!

+ Get-to-know-me // Plan them separately and let it be surprise! Yours might include blogging and deep conditioning treatments. His might involve Xbox and soccer. Whatever activities you choose, do them together!

So if you just had a baby (like Sam!), are spending every moment studying for the GRE (like me!), on a budget (like most of us!), or simply looking to shake up your routine, I think you'll find that these ideas really add a little flair to at-home dates. :)

Do you have at-home dates? What are some of your best ideas?

Thanks for having me, Sam!
I'm always on the lookout for new blogs, so I hope you'll come by Case Study + say hello!


Brittany said...

I love these! Hubby and I sometimes have "cooking challenges" (a la master chef and iron chef), where we both need to cook something using whatever method or recipe we choose... That always works out well! Plus it's fun, and you learn a LOT about each other this way (even after being married awhile!)

steph said...

i love these! i thought i heard them all.... but there are some in here that are just splendid. thanks!

Candice said...

These are such great ideas, Eliza!!! I think we'll be trying out the sleepover thing for sure - so fun!!!