Wednesday, September 26, 2012

my favorite fashion blogger: zipped

i'm so excited to introduce you all to my absolute favorite fashion blogger today! 

chelsea of zipped has, as far as i'm concerned, the absolute best style. if i could have any fashion blogger's wardrobe, it would be her's. sure there are plenty of other fashion bloggers out there who also have great clothes but chelsea is the only one who, after looking at her blog, i think to myself, "hmmm. i could actually wear something like that and it would be comfy/make sense/work for my body type/wouldn't look like i was trying way too hard." and i feel like all of those qualifications are pretty hard to find in the fashion blogging world these days. am i right? plus, something about all the cozy layers reminds me of oregon. and that's always a good thing. 

check out zipped. you'll love it. i promise. 


Hi, all! Thanks so much to Sam for letting me take over her lovely site for the day. As a girl who blogs a mix of personal style and the best seasonal trends, I'm sharing my closet essentials with you all. My personal style sticks to classic comfort, but I like mixing it up with texture and color.


When I layer, I always make sure to include a few different fabrics and textures. Here, I layered a cotton tank under a knit sweater and canvas jacket, paired with a pebbled vegan leather bag and natural stone necklace. Because my color palette tends to be pretty neutral, layering textures is an easy way to add visual interest.


If I'm not planning an outfit around different textures, I like to anchor my look with neutral basics. Here, I took a basic grey blazer and dark skinnies, and tossed in some contrasting colors: red and turquoise. The fun print of the top breaks up the solids.

Following my basic outline for putting together an outfit, here are my top three items for fall!

Romwe sweater, Current/Elliot jeans, Mango blazer

Thanks again to Sam for asking me to guest post, and feel free to stop by my blog, Zipped, and say hello!


Merrick said...

She does have fantastic effortless style! Thanks for sharing her with us!

Bri Snell said...

Very cute style! :)

Jenna said...

She's totally cute. Some fashion bloggers look like they're trying way too hard, mixing too many prints and too many eras. She looks so put-together and ... effortless!

KaitiBop said...

Welp, I'm in love. Wish I could have her wardrobe and followed her immediately. Thanks for sharing! :)

Janssen said...

Okay, I had to subscribe too! So cute.