Monday, September 24, 2012

our weekend

we had some great family time over the weekend! 

friday night, our neighborhood friends hosted an outdoor family movie night. these are the kind of friends who make their own marquee sign (what?!) and have the cutest candy concessions and popcorn machine you've ever seen. the whole thing was enough to blow up pinterest's entire site with adorable-ness. we didn't stay long because it was already past hero's bedtime but it still felt like the most magical ending to summer i can imagine. man, i love our neighborhood and friends here.

on saturday, we drove to provo. ro and i watched chas play on his ultimate frisbee team in the morning and then we went to a chalk art festival and ate pizza with some good friends. back at home, chas and i got creative with our dinner due to having almost no food in our fridge and neither of us wanting to go to the store. hello, nacho quesadilla! (to share. there wasn't enough for us to have our own.)

on sunday, we slept in and spent the day attending the brigham city temple dedication. that evening, hero had some high quality bumbo time while chas and i peeled a bazillion tiny apples which eventually turned into apple crisp. what is it about peeling apples/potatoes/anything that will always make me feel like either a prison inmate or an old-school marine?

and now it's monday. it's chilly, cloudy, and the leaves on the mountain outside my kitchen window are the most beautiful colors. hero just woke up from a 5-hour nap and i can hear her talking to herself.

i'm still in my jammies. and i am happy.

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