Wednesday, September 12, 2012

rookie mistake

i've been kicking myself lately for taking hardly any pictures of hero with our real camera. it's so easy to just snap a bazillion instagram pics and call it good, ya know? but when we have a decent dslr camera, it's silly to not use it and get some good quality shots of our girl as she grows up.

our amazing friend, holly, made this blanket for hero. and hero is kinda obsessed with it. we have it draped over the side of her crib so she can easily look at it. sometimes, when she wakes up from a nap, she'll be mid-cry, glance over at this blanket, and burst into huge smiles. she also loves to just lay next to it and chat. chas and i like to think that she still prefers looking at our faces over looking at this blanket but i secretly doubt it.

and now i'm reeeeeeally wishing i had shots of her on her favorite blanket when she was a newborn, 1 month, and 2 months old. ah well. starting at 3 months will have to do. better late than never!


Aleksandra said...

These photos are way cute!

Kristina said...

These photos are super cute! If I were Hero I would love that blanket too - I was just studying it to see the pattern your friend used.


Kristina does the Internets

Amy said...

She's sooo cute! And getting so big! I love it :)

Janssen said...

I didn't start until Ella was 2 months old, and I'm glad I just went with it anyway.

Jenna said...

Super-cute baby! She's a dolly!

Kate said...

Did you make this blanket? I am a pretty decent beginner crocheter (scarves and straight blankets, you got it!). But I have been worrying over the pattern for this exact blanket on Pinterest for MONTHS. And geeze it looks extra nice with a baby on it! You may have convinced me!
Kate at