Monday, October 1, 2012

at the cabin

we spent the weekend up at my family's cabin. it's the most wonderous place in all the world. especially in the fall!

as we were taking a little family walk on saturday afternoon, soaking in all the dreamy autumn colors and the absolutely perfect weather, it suddenly started to rain. and, just like that, the whole experience became even more unbelievably magical. one of those life moments where you just want to freeze time and live it again, and again, and again.

before we left on sunday, we had to take advantage of the most beautiful backdrop of golden leaves you've ever seen and snap a few family photos.

i loved every single thing about this weekend and am a little sad it's over.
but if hero never grows out of that pink bear hunter hat, i wouldn't be sad. not one bit.


Rachel said...

I just loves these photos!I have sweater envy over here,my local Old Navy had nothing left but xxl's...maybe my next trip will end happier.

Kari said...

3 quick things...

1. Hero has the cutest little lips EVER.

2. I love your short hair!

3. You should have her wear that hat every single day...loooooove it!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness those pictures are beautiful!!! You guys look so great, and Hero is GORGEOUS! Just like her Mama :)

sofia said...

LOVE your sweater. and your family is so cute :)

Anonymous said...

I love little Hero's face is all the pictures! So cute! And you are right, what a beautiful backdrop!