Monday, October 29, 2012

giveaway: trama textiles

as an art therapist, this post holds a special place in my heart.
sky is here to tell you all a little of the amazing background story behind today's giveaway.

Hi. My name is Sky, and I live in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. 

I consider myself a storyteller. One of the beautiful things about living in Quetzaltenango is the process
of getting immersed in the spirit and culture of the city and finding myself slowly getting woven into
the fabric of life here. I could show you the market, or Parque Central, or where I work, but the things I
really love and the things that make me feel at home are often less visible to the typical tourist.

One of my favorite organizations is a worker-owned weaving association located just a few blocks from our Central Park. TRAMA textiles is made up of 400 women that originate from 17 different
groups of weavers located in 5 districts in the highlands of Guatemala. In each Mayan group, the weaving and patterns have ancient meanings and ethnic expressions. With each pass of the thread on the loom and every garment worn, a silent story is told and retold. However, for many of these women, their stories are being rewritten, as many come from
backgrounds of domestic violence.

The goal of TRAMA textiles is to provide women with the tools they need to preserve tradition while making their goods marketable both locally and internationally. Dignity, well-being, and the ethnic expression of its associates remain the highest priority. Additionally, TRAMA houses a weaving school that allows visitors an authentic experience with the culture and process of weaving.

One of my favorite items at TRAMA is their makeup bags and coin purses. I use both daily and love not only the quality and design, but what they represent. I have two sets to giveaway. 


to win one of the two sets of makeup bags: 

you must be a follower of young people in love 

then just visit TRAMA’s Etsy site and comment, telling me what your favorite item is! 

good luck!


*For those who do not win, Know that by supporting TRAMA, you are becoming a part of a bigger story- one of preservation and creation and redemption.

(all photos were taken by the talent and sought after Ivan Castro.)


Celeste Rubalcava said...

I am a follower of YPIL and I love everything on the website! I liked the stripped color make up bag!!!

The Michelle Show said...

Im a follower and i love the beach bag set!

Anne said...

Such beautiful items! I love the handmade fabric and the pillow covers. (And I'm a follower!)

prov3130grl said...

I follow your blog. ~ Andi T.

prov3130grl said...

I love the black and white striped beach bag. ~ Andi T.

Molly said...

Wow, what a neat post. I will definitely be supporting TRAMA textiles whether I am a winner or not. I really love the fabric notebook! But everything on the site is just absolutely lovely.

Brianna Jean said...

I am a follower and I love the little animal backpacks. The colors are beautiful and the story is one of aw. I love this and fully support everything that they stand for.

Kit said...
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Kit said...

I love the little toys!!! My little boy will be getting one of those in his stocking this year.

Giuseppe said...

I love all the little bags so fun.

Dana said...

so many beautiful items. I love the cosmetic bags and the beach bag set

Rachel said...

Thanks for all the great work you do. Really wonderful.

I follow this blog and I love the adorable stuffed animals!

sarah said...

i'm a follower of YPiL! hard to pick but i think my favorite is the black and white striped beach bag

Meredith Tuttle said...

i follow you!! i love the animal backpacks and striped textiles. so gorg:)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I love everything in the Etsy shop. Definitely bookmarking for holiday gifts.
My favorite is the handwoven scarf.

Anonymous said...

Following, and I love the kitchen decor dolls. :)

Laura said...

following- and i love the hupil fabric cosmetic bag! so cute :) maybe i will buy some gifts for christmas from here!