Monday, October 22, 2012

guest post: the bradley's & fall trends

today we have elizabeth from the bradley's to give us the inside scoop on her fave fall trends! 


Here we are mid October already!! 
And yet I am still getting into the autumn groove, preparing for our move
to a much colder climate ( Scotland). 
I haven't purchased much for fall or winter, but have been eying several trends that are 
somewhat modest and yet versatile and stylish.
Fall is lovely as the weather hasn't reached cold cold,
instead there is just the beginnings of what's to come.
Despite the drop in temperature, I prefer snuggling up in a warm blanket 
and drinking hot cocoa over wearing shorts.
( which I don't look too lovely in...)
Tartan is a trend I am enjoying, not only because we are moving to the
land of tartan, but because it embodies warmth and friendliness. 
Flannel also has these characteristics, especially now that we are past the 90s flannel look
( which was super baggy and unflattering)

Apparently Western and baroque are popular this fall,
both of which include lots of detail.
My daughter loves details and accessories, 
especially lace. 
She's getting excited for our move to a colder place and can't wait
to don her beret.
It's fun being girls....especially during the holiday season!

What are some of the fall trends you are enjoying?

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