Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the good and the not so good

the good: 

been busy editing some still photos from past kelly arts: films shoots and i just love this one! so sweet and perfect.

we stayed home all weekend and listened to our church's general conference sessions. such amazing messages. after a particular talk about losing loved ones, chas and i both had a good, bitter sweet cry as we thought about the tragedy of dear bryce.

after conference was over, i resolved (for likely the 200th time) to love myself and others more. i'm sick of allowing myself to indulge in negative thoughts towards myself and being critical of those around me. i'm praying to be able to do better.

hero is just on the brink of learning how to control her arms/hands and grasp onto things. it's so much fun to watch her concentrate so intently on trying to reach out and hold toys.

i'm looking forward to a reunion of friends this weekend. we're gonna get our fancy pants on and have high tea downtown.

we're pretty much all booked up for the month of october with kelly arts: films! 6 shoots in the next few weeks including 1 wedding! hooray!

the not so good: 

our car wouldn't start yesterday morning. we ended up having to buy a new battery...and wipers...and headlights. sheesh. (but glad it wasn't anything suuuuper expensive to fix!)

my wallet has completely disappeared. really weird. really annoying. just to be safe, i've already cancelled all my cards but am praying my guts out that it will turn up.

hero had a hard day yesterday. spit up all over her clothes three times and then somehow peeped through a brand new diaper, all up her back, immediately after i finished changing her and putting her in a fresh outfit. and, for some reason, she wasn't taking her usual awesome-long naps. glad we made it through. silly girl.


it's nice knowing that there's more good than not :)


Gaby said...

hopefully there's always more good than bad :)

Janssen said...

SO hard when the naps won't happen.

Rachael said...

I had to buy a new battery last month, when my car shut down on me in a Target parking lot!
But glad you guys got your car fixed.
I'm with you on stopping the negatvie thoughts :) I tend to do that myself sometimes.
Aww, your little girl is getting bigger I bet! That's so exciting to see a little baby start to do more things. I'm a Nanny for two kids, and the youngest just turned two this past Saturday, and it's crazy how much I wished he was stil two! I love that he's older, and I'm also sad that he's not young anymore. But you know more than me how that feels like!

funsizetessa said...

I love your blog! :) just fyi

Candice said...

I'm so excited for your business!! It sounds like it is just thriving!!

Poor Hero girl! I hope you find your wallet! How very strange!

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