Thursday, October 25, 2012

this is my life

our little bungry (our nickname for hero) is getting to be so much fun! i see these pictures and it's kinda hard to believe that she's alllll mine! she's looking like chas more and more but still has my block head :)

a few people have told me that 4-6 months is their favorite baby age and i can totally see why. it seems like every day she learns something new and her cuteness shoots through the roof.

like lately, she's been doing this little cough. super fake and super dramatic. smiling the whole time.

and then yesterday, i look over at her and she's almost completely rolled over!

right now, she's squealing with delight at the toys dangling above her in her "jungle gym."

i know this stage will be gone way too quickly so we're trying to soak up every bit of her goodness. and there's a lot of that to soak up so we're definitely keeping busy.


in other news, we woke up to snow today! crazy utah.


Miranda said...

Hero is just so stinkin' adorable! I can't handle it. :)

mama boss said...

I love her smile!

And it wasn't just UT, we got snow here in Denver, too. :)

Kylie said...

She's so beautiful. I'm excited for that age with my son :) Although it's bitter-sweet since I have work...

Bon Bon said...

soak it up! they are so fun at that age, (best part: they keep getting more and more fun:-) xoxo