Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a tuesday morning resolve

yesterday, while watching more antm than i care to admit, i decided to fully embrace and love every bit of this season of my life with hero.

i have a baby who likes to sleep a lot. it's a huge blessing and i know i'm lucky to have such a great sleeper. the only downside is that i'm stuck inside my house for hours on end with very little to do. as i've mentioned, it can get boring and it can lonely. BUT i can handle feeling a bit bored and lonely. it's such a small price to pay for a sleeping baby. and eventually she'll sleep less and then my life will likely  never be this kind of wonderful slow-paced ever again and i'll have wished i had enjoyed it more.

so that's my resolve. enjoy the heck out of the free, quiet hours at home. and if some of that time is wasted watching antm or browsing pinterest, that's ok. i don't want to miss this short period of our lives because i was too busy focusing on how i wish it were different.


Susanne@Babyhuddle said...

Yes! Enjoy it, its such a precious time. Mine are 8, 3 and 9 months now and life is back to its usual hectic pace. I SO miss the slow newborn days :)

Anonymous said...

So well put and a great reminder! Thanks. :)

Amy said...

Amen to that! Hope you're having a great day :)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

maybe you could try like walking her in a stroller while she sleeps? it could get you outside.
but at least you are looking at it in a positive way, maybe time for crafting?


Clandestine Road said...

You have such a great perspective.