Friday, November 2, 2012


november is my favorite month because november is all about thanksgiving and thanksgiving is all about gratitude and family (and food!).

i've been hesitant to post these two videos because i'm sure they are only super cute and funny to chas and i. but then i remembered that this is my blog and this is the very stuff that makes up most of my life now. and, most importantly, i am so, so grateful for every single one of these kinds of moments. so i'm posting them :)


this first video was taken a few weeks ago. hero is practicing how to grab with her hands (a skill she has since mastered). but here, she's trying soooo hard and getting soooo frustrated. watching her be so focused, fail, break down, regroup, and try again reminded me of myself sometimes. haha. don't we all have those moments of total break down?

anyways, i'm glad i have this video because one day shortly after this was shot, everything clicked and she was suddenly able to grab and hold onto things without even trying!

this second video was taken on halloween night (hence chas' amazing shirt).

hero was having a hard time going to sleep. chas was holding her, letting her cry and get some of her sadness/stress out. in this clip, she had just finished a good cry and was feeling much better about life. that's when chas' started to play this little game with her that she loves. she's always so silly with her daddy!

i was actually doing this with her yesterday and every time i paused a bit, she'd grab my hand and push it closer towards her mouth until i started moving my finger up and down like chas does! so funny.


so this thanksgiving, i'm most grateful for every day i get to spend with those cheeks.


Rosemary said...

miss this kid

Emma Frances said...

She is perfectly adorable! I love these videos! Babies just make everything so much more fun!

Lauren said...

She's so cute! I love that she practically sings when Chas plays with her!