Saturday, December 29, 2012

our no-present christmas

this year, chas and i decided to do a no-present christmas. there wasn't any huge reason behind this choice. we had just gotten out of grad school debt and neither of us were feeling the need to spend money on things we didn't really need just for the sake of buying something for christmas. and hero is still too little to know or care about christmas and presents. 

(the one exception and "real" present we did get was a piece of camera equipment for our business.) 

so we went to target, each picked out a pair of christmas jammies, and called it good. 

even though it was nice to not have to worry about braving the hoards and trying to find each other that perfect gift, i thought i would miss having something to open. but when christmas morning came, i didn't miss presents nearly as much as i thought i would. chas' sisters had gotten us some fun little stocking goodies and his mom gave us $50 worth of gold dollar coins (awesome!). so we did get a few treats AND felt like rich pirates! what more could we ask for!? 

all in all, the no-present christmas was a success. we were able to sit back, relax, and just enjoy the season, being with loved ones, and eating amazing food. i'd definitely recommend it! 

and i'm definitely excited for next year when watching hero unwrap presents will be the main event of christmas morning! 


sarah marie said...

So glad you took the time to write this post. I told family and friends that I didn't want any gifts this year... but I think it's hard for people to understand and/or believe! (I did receive gifts but truly would have loved to have people donate to those in need instead, for example.)

It was our little one's first Christmas, too (she's 7.5 months old), and I felt like I might have been the only mother that didn't go crazy for her baby's first Christmas. I bought her a couple of toys for $2.97 apiece and mostly enjoyed watching her play with the paper and ribbon. :)

shay said...

The husband and I didn't do gifts either. We bought ourselves a real Christmas tree and called it good. We would rather spend time with each other then trying to fulfill the pressure of getting something that each other might want. Way too stressful. Hopefully one day the rest of the family could see the beauty in a simple, no gift Christmas. Glad yours was a success!

Danielle said...

I love hearing how you are getting out of debt. We are in a similar situation with school debt and were overly spoiled this Christmas. Thanks for your simple example - keep writing about it.

Clandestine Road said...

That is cool. It alleviates so much of the stress. We're thinking of doing that or adopting a family in need to just give to them next year.

Happy new year!