Thursday, January 24, 2013

fancy eats, part II

a few nights ago, we decided to have an impromptu family adventure. we got all bundled up and went to trader joe's. with a limit of $15, we walked up and down each aisle and picked out whatever treats we wanted. the grand total was $14.83. not bad, eh? and actually, a surprisingly fun little activity to do together!

but let's talk about the food discoveries.


i have, single-handedly, consumed more of this than i'd ever care to admit and i'll prob have some more today. it's the perfect snack to eat while watching parenthood on netflix.

also. trader joe's cookie butter. WHY was the rest of the world keeping this secret from us?! we're obsessed. slather it on some triscuits and it's sweet/salty heaven.


reina waterman said...

Love your blog :)

And I just recently discovered cookie butter too! I'm pretty sure the whole world was colluding to keep me from finding out about this. And maybe to keep me from gaining a million pounds.

Clio said...

Wow that sounds delicious. Also do you cry at every episode of Parenthood? It is my fave but it’s just soooo emotional!

Amy said...

Both the pepper jelly and the cookie butter are sooo good!! Great choices :) And same with Parenthood, one of my favorite shows!

Emily said...

LOVE Parenthood. Also, check out the peanut butter cups at Trader Joes sometime - yuuuuum!!!

Kristina said...

My boyfriend's mom always serves crackers with cream cheese and pepper jelly. Weird combo but they're so good together! I think I would prefer goat cheese over the cream cheese though.


Kristina does the Internets

Tani stevenson said...

Yes to the cookie butter! I love that stuff! At first it was very confusing though, how do they get butter from cookies? Do they grind them up like they do for peanut butter? What the heck? But you just don't ask those questions, you just eat and learn to love.

RitaMarie said...

I need to walk over to Trader Joe's tonight... yup. I love their raspberry chipotle sauce on cream cheese and wheat thins. Pepper jelly and goat cheese sounds awesome.