Monday, January 21, 2013

hero's photo shoot with heather pickett photography

letme start off by telling you a little story.

chas and i are not the biggest fans of baby photography*- especially infant photography. naked babies on top of stacked up vintage suitcases? in a treasure chest? wearing pearls?! like, WHY is this happening?! the whole infant photography situation was very confusing to us.

so we had decided early on that we would pass on getting infant pictures of hero done professionally. besides, we had a decent camera and would be able to take plenty of good pictures of our own baby, on our own time, in our own way, and it would all work out just fine, right? WRONG.

the first month of hero's life was a whirlwind- especially for me. i was too busy curled up in the fetal position, crying to even think about trying to get a few decent photographs of my baby. so, long story short, what we have of the first few months of hero's life is mainly instagrams. cute instagrams, but iphone pics, nonetheless. we didn't even snap a single picture with our DSLR at the hospital!

this, my friends, has been probably the biggest regret i've had as a parent. hero was such a BEAUTIFUL baby and now, i would give anything to have some professional pictures of her when she was so new and tiny.

live, and learn, and...hire a professional!


now. this is where the story gets better.

let me tell you about heather pickett photography.

heather, just as a person, is so kind, generous, and down to earth. she specializes in newborn photography and is completely professional but approachable at the same time. as a parent, all you have to do is bring her your child and then relax on her couch in her in-house studio. she does all the work. when chas and i were filming this little promo for her, i loved being able to watch, first-hand, how heather works. everything is very calm and gentle. no stress, no fuss.

and the PHOTOS! i check up on her blog often because i love seeing her new work and reminding myself that there will be another baby in our lives at some point, and another chance to have heather take his/her pictures. in the meantime, it warms my cold infant-photo-hater-heart to know that there is someone like heather who always keeps her infant photography very organic, natural, and simple. yes, yes, yes!


chas and i were counting down the days until hero could sit up on her own so we could go and have heather take her pictures. better late than never, right!?

this weekend, i went to see the final, edited photos. and, let me tell you, tears. in. my. eyes. something about seeing such beautiful photography of my baby...i was overwhelmed with pride and gratitude for this little person in my life. and her little chub face in that owl hat? it KILLS me and chas. we couldn't be happier with how her pictures turned out and will definitely be taking sam&chas baby #2 as a newborn to heather!


*if you happen to love infant photography of all kinds, that's wonderful! we hope you don't take offense at what is only our own, insignificant opinion and personal taste. bottom line- newborns are darling, no matter what. :) 


Vera said...

I love that last picture. Her mouth is so sweet! She looks a lot like her daddy :-).

Emily Baker said...

she is so incredibly beautiful

Alyssa said...

These are amazing pictures of her. Love her outfit & headwear. And I fully agree with the infant pictures question. I don't understand why people want to put their babies in odd scenes. I get infant pictures, but what is with the suitcases, baskets, and pearls?!

Stephanie Griffioen said...

These are beautiful! And I agree - I will always been a fan of lifestyle newborn photography over the posed stuff any day.

Amy said...

You guys sure made one beautiful baby :)

Lauren said...

Her chubby cheeks! Oh my goodness!

As a photographer (who loves newborns!), the naked baby in pearls on vintage suitcases thing confuses me too. How's about we keep them in a diaper and wrap them in a snuggly blanket instead??

Anonymous said...

I think I just died.
what an adorable baby.

lex said...

these are adorable!
i love her little faces.

Ina-Mari said...

Aaaah! Such a cutie! The third picture looks a lot like the picture of Chas on the right.

LaynahRose said...

It kind of breaks my heart that you didn't get newborns done...but you live and learn! These photos of her are so so beautiful (last two are my favorite)

Alie said...

I just love these, especially the teal one.

And I hate cutesy prop-filled baby photography, too - you're not alone! It was so frustrating when we took Jack (he's now two) as a newborn to get photos done at a local studio. That's all we could afford and they turned out so crappy! They kept trying to shove a football in his arm and prop him up on this ugly wicker chair. I kept saying, no no no! But they insisted, "just in case I end up liking it." Never again.

I regret not just sucking it up and eating ramen for a week so we could have gotten a real photographer. Oh well. You and I will learn for out next baby. :)

Kristina said...

Ohmygosh these are so precious, esp. Hero in the owl hat!! So adorable.


Kristina does the Internets

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Those pictures are beautiful!
I love the last one!

emma said...

these pictures seriously melted my heart. she has the sweetest little face.

Tori Baldridge said...

Her little lips in that last photo?! DYING!!!!

Janssen said...

Couldn't agree more about the crazy newborn photos.