Monday, March 11, 2013

dear hero,

you're over nine months old now! everyday it seems you're turning more and more into a big girl. you've been pulling yourself up onto your knees and, recently, have been standing too! this weekend, we finally lowered your crib and got you a big girl sleep sack that you can't pull off during your naps. you look so sweet in that huge sleep sack.

yesterday, while daddy was working on your crib, i had you on my lap in the rocking chair and was reading you some books. you kept turning your head to look back up at my face again and again. you had the most loving expression, staring straight into my eyes and down into my mommy soul. it really felt like you were telling me, over and over, how much you love and appreciate me and the way i take care of you. i think your daddy could feel of your love, too, and we were so grateful for that special little moment with you and your good, good spirit.

now that you're a big girl, you are obsessed with eating all your big girl foods. you pound baby food, yogurt, and anything else we give you- all while happily bobbing your head to a music beat that only you can hear. i'm so glad you're such a great eater but a part of me wishes i could feed you bottles forever. there's something about holding you close in my arms and watching you drink your milk that i will always love.

you've always loved all your cousins but, recently, have started forming a very special, very cute little bond with your older cousin, banks. a few days ago, grandma card was babysitting you both and you guys played and played and played together for four straight hours! banks is so gentle with you and loves to try to sit in your lap and lets you tug a little at his hair. your aunt sarah and i are pretty excited for you guys to become great buds over the years with lots of play dates!

you still love your dad more than anything and always have so much to tell him about as soon as he gets home from work. you two sit together in your room and with your sweet "oooos" and "ahhhhs" and the occasional yell, you talk and talk and talk to your dad. but you like to keep this time with him private. whenever i try to peek in through the cracked door, you quickly turn your head to the door, fall silent, and don't start up again until i'm gone. i don't mind too much. i get plenty of time with you during our days together and am glad that you love your alone time with daddy.

i love you so much, hero.


p.s. the monthly pics of you on your favorite blanket? yeah, i kinda fell off that bandwagon. sawies. :)


RitaMarie said...

This is a beautiful letter. It will mean so much to her as she gets older. What a lovely idea.

Jessica Holly said...

Clara loves talking to Steve too- it just melts my heart!

Lindsay said...

Adorable. I love that she turns to look at you as you read to her. Awww. I need a baby girl! :)

LaynahRose said...

Oh my gosh. It's embarrassing how quickly a good mommy/child post can make me cry.

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