Monday, May 27, 2013

evans siblings photo shoot


before you get too annoyed, i'm working on setting a separate blog just for posting pics of my photo shoots as i continue to explore this new-found hobby and extension of our film business- photography.

i know there's a stigma of being just another "mom with a camera" but whatever. i love when i feel like i have something that i'm actively working on, and striving to learn more about. and that's what photography has given me. not only is it a creative outlet, but it's a chance for me to try to cultivate something, create work for myself, and interact with people outside of my little sphere at home with hero. plus, i'm really enjoying it!

hope you all had a great memorial day weekend!



K&R said...

i think you've got real talent!
love these photos lady.


Sparlingo said...

That golden light is GORGEOUS - you're rocking the photography thing. Ignore the haters!

Melissa Hansen said...

these are adorable! great job!

auds said...

Sammy, I LOVE your photo's! Great work!

Amanda Evans said...

LOVE those kiddos - well captured Sam!

Dana Staples said...

i feel the exact same way about my etsy shop. I know there's a stigma of so many stay at home moms doing it, but like you said--whatever. It does so many good things for me to have that work, creative outlet, and something I'm progressing towards!