Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the good stuff

i've been going back and forth on what to write here for a few days now.

i could blog about how i've felt impatient with hero lately and surprisingly down on myself and my abilities as a mother and wife. we all have those days, right?

but i've decided that there is SO much more good that outweighs any current frustrations and challenges and that i think i'd rather document the happy today rather than delve into the other stuff. besides, it's the little happy things that get so taken for granted and easily forgotten- they deserve some real air time.


i bought hero a little trike off of KSL earlier this week. ever since the weather became a heavenly spring, we've been seeing lots and lots of kids riding their bikes up and down the street. hero loves to watch them while enthusiastically pointing and informing us of the "bikes!" outside. so i got her a bike of her own and we took it out this morning for a spin. it has a detachable push handle on the back so i don't have to lean over to help her ride it. she just sits, thinks she riding "a bike!," and i push her along just like she's in a stroller. we rode up to a neighbor's house after breakfast to watch frozen. hero giggled and "wooooah-ed!" the whole way. loved it. i can't believe she's big enough to know about and "ride" a bike. such a kid.

within the last week or so, hero decided to finally kick her morning nap and do just one nap a day. that transition plus the fact that she's also been teething is making going down for even just one nap pretty rough for her. but this afternoon, as i wrapped her in her "mimi" (blanket), and was singing her songs, she just couldn't stop giggling. total girly giggle fit. i'd start singing softly, and she'd immediately burst into the biggest, cheesiest smile that makes her look so much like i did when i was her age. and then she'd just laugh and laugh. she'd eventually stop, i'd start singing again, but she just couldn't hold in those silly giggles. i love catching glimpses of her little girly-ness like that.

a few nights ago, i was putting her to bed and rocking her slowly in her chair. i started talking to her about her baby sister (a topic that she's been a little ambivalent about). suddenly, she pulled back from me a bit, looked into my face and said, "hug?". she then laid down right on top of my belly, both arms stretched all the way around as far as they could go, and her cheek pressed closely against my shirt. as if that couldn't get any sweeter, she then started giving my tummy kisses intermittently with more hugs. i hope that along with the sure-to-come bickering, tears, and struggles to share that there will be lots and lots of hugs, kisses, and dress-ups shared between these two baby girls of mine.

chas and i have been busy thinking and thinking of what we want to do this spring to spruce up our front and backyard areas. it's fun to actually have the space and ownership to make these kinds of decisions but it's also a lot of responsibility and potentially expensive. still, the adventure of home ownership marches on and we're loving it!


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