Wednesday, November 26, 2014

being better

Now that I've been blogging again consistently for the past few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about documenting my children's lives in more meaningful ways and why that's important to me.

I think it's easy as a woman and a mother to become bogged down in thinking we have to do everything for our children and do it all really well. But what mother is capable of doing everything well? I do a good job of keeping our house clean and tidy, the dishes done, and the laundry washed. I really try to TALK lots and lots to my girls- and not like I'm talking to babies. I like talking to them like I'd talk to a friend- in a normal-pitched voice and with the expectation that they can understand me on some level. I also feel like I make an effort to listen to and validate the thoughts, worries, and experiences they have. I read lots and lots to them and always want them to know that I'm genuinely proud of them and crazy in love with them no matter what.

But there's also plenty I need to work on improving. I've never been good at having dinner prepared every night when Chas gets home. In fact, he was the one who made us pizza tonight- which isn't an unusual occurrence. He also does the majority of the grocery shopping.

*cough cough...Moving on.*

The point is I'm great at some things and not so great at other things- just like every other mama out there. I know the areas I could improve and I'm trying to take baby steps towards being better. Most importantly, I'm not beating myself up over those things I don't excel at. It doesn't ever feel good to tell yourself that you're a dummy who can't do anything right. So I don't. Instead, I pat myself on the back for all the things I am doing great at.

Here comes the part where I actually try to DO something a little better than I have been doing.

I have access to a nice camera AND know how to use it AND glean immense joy and satisfaction in making photographs. Instead of grabbing my iPhone to capture all those small, sweet moments that only I have the privilege of witnessing day in and day out as a mother, I'm using my "real" DSLR camera. I decided that my children deserve to benefit from my talents and they deserve to have their childhood documented better than I've been doing up until this point. And, what's more, taking the time to capture these images fills my heart with so much gratitude for the chance I have to be a stay-at-home mama. So really, everyone wins.

To anyone who's reading this, I hope you can feel inspired to really see your talents with eyes open wide and find a small way to allow your own family and children to benefit more fully from the beautiful gifts you've been blessed with as a woman and mother.


Kate said...

your beautiful pictures have inspired me to finally buy my first DSLR so that I can document my baby girl better. and I LOVED the interview with Hero. my girl is 10 months but its something I definitely plan on doing when she's a bit older.

Katie said...

I love this, Sam! One of my favorite books talks a little about this- being aware of the things we do and the things we don't do {because we can't/shouldn't do it all}. While I'm not the most talented photographer, I try really hard to keep my DSLR lying around the house so I can grab it every day. I've even tried to make a habit of actually printing photos once a month {because they're doing no good on my computer!} Love that you're back to blogging :)