Saturday, November 15, 2014

the perfect way to start the day

Hero's usually a great sleeper-in-er but with the daylight savings time change, she's waking up at 7:30am. And yes, we know full-well that 7:30am is still probably the definition of sleeping in for most parents but when you're used to 9am and sometimes even 10am, 7:30am feels like the crack of dawn. The fact that we're still up with Goldie 1-3 times a night probably doesn't help either.

But there is definitely some good in this little scenario and that's getting to spend precious alone time with just Hero before we start getting ready for the day. Lately, one of us will simply take a turn getting up with her so the other can rest a bit more but what I really love is when we both just bite the bullet and get up so we can all three be together for a while. 

Hero's is a big, full-blown kid now and so sometimes we have to kiiiinda force her to come snuggle in bed with us. She'll start immediately saying things like, "No bed!" and "I want breakfast!" as soon as we bring her into our room but we've become pretty good at being able to distract her from all that just long enough to get her into bed and under the covers with us by talking about fun things we did the day before and what she dreamed about last night. Ok. So maybe it's a little sneaky but we've been bringing her into bed with us almost every single day since she was born and just because she's growing up and starting to protest a little bit, doesn't mean I'm suddenly ready to let go of our family morning snugs just yet. No way. And, besides, within minutes, she's happily participating, giggling, and then eventually jumping around on top of the bed with us. She just needs a little reminder initially that she secretly loves to start the day this way with us ;) 

Growing up is hard to do. 

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