Wednesday, December 10, 2014

toe grabbin!

Goldie will be 5 months next week. I know every mother says this, but I REALLY can't believe how fast this is all flying by. We're coming up on my very favorite stage of baby love: 5-7 months. The toe grabbing is just the tip of the iceberg of sweet chubby goodness that's ahead of us the next few months. 

She's talking lots more lately- we vacillate between baby pterodactyl shrieks and little monster growls and coos. Still the smiliest girl we know, she just lights up instantaneously whenever she sees either Chas, me, or Hero. Strangers, too. Such a good, giving heart. Reminds me a lot of her daddy. Totally without guile and always thinking the best of others. 

I can feel my heart doubling in size seemingly every day for this girl. 


Deanna Forte said...

She is so so so beautiful. New life is just so precious and magical. I love it!

Sơn Phạm said...

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