Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Bret & Jemaine,

When I was first introduced to Flight of the Conchords last year, I'll be honest, I thought you were kinda overrated. But you must have grown on me because Chas and I just can't seem to leave Blockbuster without one of your seasons on DVD in hand.

Last night, I'm pretty sure we perfected the way to watch you two: snuggled up in a blanket with bowls of ice cream. Thanks for the good times, guys.
Because there really ain't no party like your grandma's tea party. Hey. Ho. 

P.S. My favorite lyric of all-time? 
"Some people say that we are not rappers. We are rappers. Some people say that rappers don't have feelings. We do have feelings. It hurts our feelings when people say we are not rappers."


Marisa said...

I love brett and jermaine!!!! I was actually lucky enough once to see them at a music festival! So funny in person too!

Joe and Meg said...

My sister played them for me for the first time this week. I was dying laughing at the rapper song. So funny!