Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear diary,

I feel so amazingly blessed. Lately, Chas and I will just look at each other and yell, in unison, "We have the best life ever!" It's actually starting to slowly morph into a little song as well. And, the thing is, we kinda really do have the best life ever.

Yesterday was a very happy day because yesterday Chas made not just one, but two major breakthroughs on the job front. Both places are offering him on-call work with the potential for a more full-time gig. But both jobs have enough projects going for him to work at least 40 hours a week. 

Job #1 is a production company called Universal Post. I dropped him off this morning for his first day, singing "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go!" as we drove. He'll be editing corporate videos and commercials for the next two weeks. Job #2 is with the church and he'll be assisting the creator of Mormon Messages. Pretty legit, right? Again, he'll be mostly editing but also helping out on shoots as well. Basically, Chas is just a film editor in high demand. Everyone wants a piece of his skillz. All of this makes our bank account (which has been pretty sad lately) a much happier camper.

I could end here. But, believe it or not, there's more.

Yesterday, I found out that I am going to be picking up a few day's worth of permanent groups at the hospital. This is also very happy because I've been working solely on an on-call basis which causes for a very hit-or-miss kind of week, work-wise. But now, I have a set schedule of groups every Monday and Friday and will also take on an evening family group with the adolescent inpatient unit as well. It'll be so nice to have more of a constant presence at the hospital. I really do love it there. Everyone is so gracious and supportive of one another. And then there's that whole bit about me getting to practice art therapy- that thing I killed myself for two years to learn how to do. I feel so lucky to be an art therapist and first-hand witness to the deep, meaningful breakthroughs that occur with patients in groups. I know I describe everything from puppies to Ranch dressing as being magical but art therapy really is the most magical of all.

Ok, ok. Second most magical. Because, let's be honest, me and Chas' life together is numero uno.


Sarah said...

im so happy for chas boy and you! good work team kelly!!!!

Janssen said...

It is such a happy thing to watch your life fall into place, especially when you've put in a tremendous amount of effort to get there. Good for you both.

The Lusks said...

Wow way to go! Count your blessings eh?

Ashley Yazzie said...

HOORAY! That's amazing news. 2010 is the lucky year for you and your sweet heart.

So, I would love to know that artist's name from the graffiti my friend found in New York. I'm sort of in love with that piece, and would enjoy seeing more! Stop by and leave me a note if you find the name.

Warmest Regards,


candace said...

oh boy oh boy!! you guys are soooo blessed! we need to double some time soon!!!