Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear wedding money,

Oh how we adore you! Thanks to you, Honey (my dearest little car) will be 100% paid for by the end of the month! Boo ya, grandma.

Of similar importance is how you've allowed me to get a few things for myself. I can't remember the last time I bought clothing just for kicks. Speaking of kicks...

Also, I may or may not have a teensy obsession with mustard yellow.

My professional wardrobe thanks you too, wedding money.

I'm starting to think we should get married more often.


The Lusks said...

WooHoo! You know, money isn't everything but it sure is fun to have.

Eliza said...

Love the shoes.

Can totally see you in the shirt.

And I have to tell you Sam, that everywhere I go I still feel compelled to see if the shop I'm in is selling cobalt or mustard yellow. AND that the belt I bought myself for your wedding has become my favorite thing to wear. (I would have never bought it had been for your wedding.) Ask Jan, he sees it on my person
1. remember when I sent you that email asking you to consider having wedding colors - thanks for indulging me
2. thanks for picking such swell colors, and in turn opening my eyes to the beauty of cobalt and yellow
3. thanks for marrying my little brother
4. BTW, when is my brother bringing you back to NY so that we can hang out?