Wednesday, May 5, 2010

reading + art = love

Literacyhead is a new, subscription-based online magazine geared toward literacy educators. Their goal is to provide educators with weekly instruction ideas that explore the connections between textual literacy and visual literacy. Basically, they use art to help teach different reading and writing concepts. This, in my art therapist opinion, is genius. The same part of the brain that is in charge of learning to read/write is also in charge of creativity. There is research that suggests a strong interconnection between the speed and ease at which a child learns to read and the frequency of art done by the child. So yeah, pretty awesome.

Anyways, the editor of Literacyhead contacted me last week to request the use of one of my images for their newest issue. Ummmm....yes, please.

Can you spot my art?


zlb said...

wooo! So great! you are a rock star!

candace said...

oh that is so suh-weet! and yes, i think you saw this very piece on my etsy favorites blog bar :)