Thursday, June 10, 2010

like on vaca? road trip!!

(Movie trivia for the post's title....answer at end of post. - See this fun game I just made up?)

Tomorrow morning me and him will join my family for a Cali vacation to visit Sarah and Michael.

It'll be my first vacation in probably three years.

(Movie trivia answer: Legally Blonde)


The Lusks said...

Ooo! So jealous! Have a great trip!

T Kelly said...

Have so much fun!

Amanda, Jack, Corban, and Gabe said...

No way! how long will you be in cali? we leave tues for jack's parent's place :)

candace said...

Sam, you are HUMAN for wanting AT LEAST 3 slices of my b-day cake. And a human with good taste, i might add! my mom's creation: lemon vanilla cake with coconut cream and lemon curd filling topped with whipped vanilla bean frosting and shredded coconut. it was YUMMMMMMY. Have fun in Cali!

sam said...

Amanda! JUST got your comment and, unfortunately, just returned to slc early this morning.
Where does Jack's family live? Sarah and Michael are just outside of Laguna Beach area.

Ashley Yazzie said...

Hooray! Have a barrel of fun. Legally Blonde is a choice piece of cinema!