Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Californ I A

After driving through the night, which Chas refers to as "the tough journey," we're back. So get ready to be overloaded with pictures.

While Chas, Michael, Liz, and Pudge spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm, the rest of us felt much happier with something different. First, Sarah gave us the San Clemente tour. We also walked around Laguna Beach and then drove up and down the fanciest Newport Beach streets o0o0o0o-ing and ahhhh-ing at the houses.

(Daisies are my favorite. Especially when it looks like I'm wearing them as a huge bra.)

Before heading back for the day, we grabbed some frozen bananas or, in my case, frozen tiramisu dipped in chocolate, on a stick. I couldn't not try it. And, yes, it was disgusting. You should also know that we saw Angela from The Office just a block down from this bench.

Of course we had our share of beach days.

Family dance pose.

Just a little dolphin sand sculpture by me and Chas. All the nearby 5 year-olds were totally impressed.

And what trip to the beach (or any event in life, for that matter) is complete without tons of jumping-in-the-air pics?

Someone please tell my mom to stop being so beautiful all the time. Jeeze louise.

You knew this had to happen.

We also went to the Geddy in Los Angeles. Because, as Pudge put it, "you have to like art museums if you want to be in this family."  

Chas and Liz made these masks in the children's section. Let's just say if Chas's mask was made by a patient in one of my art therapy groups, I would be very concerned.

That same night, we drove for 2 hours in awful LA traffic. Our destination, however, was worth it: an Angel's game.

And no, these next pictures are not photoshopped in any way. The Card family is actually at a real-live sporting event together. Believe it. This is the new influence of Chas Kelly on our family, working its magic.

This is Chas's I'm-so-happy-because-I'm-at-a-baseball-game face.

Surpisingly, I think this game turned out to be one of our most favorite parts about the trip.

Well, maybe I should say it was on par (which is saying a lot) with the amazing puppy haven pet store Sarah took the girls to. You wouldn't believe how many puppies this place had. We're talking extreme cute overload dot com (thanks, Zina). Loved watching all those good boys biting heads non-stop.

I usually don't put bulldogs in the "cute" category but this little sad face had the sweetest spirit. We'd name him Douglas.


Eliza said...

Here comes a "portion", baby!

So I loved this post! All of it but to mention just a few things that got me going:

-Your daisy "bra" was pure sweetness
-I loved the shadows that your jumping poses cast on the sand - so cool!
-Please count me in with the four year olds who loved the dolphin, I too am most impressed
-the thing that had me ROLLING with laughter were those masks that Chas and Liz made - holy guac! those were SOOO funny!
- dear little Douglas, what a mug on that little doggy!

I give three cheers to your CA getaway.

See you in a few days, suckaz!

candace said...

i love how blue the stadium makes your eyes! it's the magic of "the Angels," no doubt!!

The Lusks said...

What a fun trip! And I was totally wondering the same thing about your mom. I mean, does she ever just have an ugly day? probably an impossibility.