Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the best

Today was an immensely good day. Well, it kinda started out like every other day, nothing too spectacular and maybe even kinda boring. By the time 3pm rolled around, I had done two groups, was so tired, and still had two more groups to get through. But then my last evening adolescent group was hands down the best group I have ever had in the three years of practicing art therapy. True story. I can't go into any more detail so I'll just say it again. The best group I have ever had! It was such an emotional rush, I still feel like I'm coming down from the high of it, hours later. Groups like that make all the tedious, challenging days oh so worth it. I love being an art therapist. 

But wait- there's more. 

I come home and Chas is wearing the cutest outfit. He's made all the cupcakes for Rosie's birthday/farewell party tomorrow night and is working on cooking us up some tacos for dinner. I couldn't stop jumping around, smiling, and hugging him...all at the same time.   


The Lusks said...

Aww! I just love you. Yay for amazing days!

Mayce said...

You and your hubby are pretty precious! Hope I can meet him someday!