Saturday, June 26, 2010

model behavior

How many girls do you know who have been a real-deal model

AND have ALSO gone on to serve an LDS mission?
That's what I thought.

Well now you can say you know one. Her name is Rosie but you can call her Pudge. Pudge is my little sister.

In a few weeks, Pudge will be leaving for 18 months to serve a full-time mission in Mesa, Arizona. Chas made these darling AZ cupcakes for her birthday/going away party this week.

I want to be like Pudge when I grow up.


The Lusks said...

I think all of you Card girls are pretty awesome conquering the world in style. I blame it on your mama.

Meg and Joe said...

My brother is in the Phoenix, AZ mission right now and loving every minute of it. What a blessing missions are! Best wishes for your sister!