Wednesday, July 28, 2010

just right

I personally know about 15 people who are either currently pregnant or have given birth in the last two months. Weird. Babies are everywhere and, for a few weeks, I have admittedly felt very baby hungry. I've also recently had a chance to be around a few of these newborns and I can now honestly say...thanks, but no thanks. I'm good. Which is to say, I am perfectly satisfied with the Sam-and-Chas-only life and don't really want that to change any time soon which is good because neither does Chas. Someday we and our financial circumstances will all feel differently but that day isn't today. It's not tomorrow, either. And do you know what's great? Right now, we can do whatever the heck we want whenever the heck we want and, I'll tell ya, it's pretty grand. Like this week for Family Night we read a short Ensign article, sang "Because I Have Been Given Much," and watched a few episodes of Arrested Development while eating a Family Night treat of vanilla sundaes. Last night we decided to go for a walk at about 10:30pm and then sit outside and watch the lightning storm.

I also am enjoying some time off of work lately. Not that I'm not working at all, just that my hours are much less than they have been. This means I get to sleep in a bit, putz around the house, do some much-need bathtub scrubbing, read, take an occasional nap, work on the syllabus and Powerpoints for my class, and muster the strength to write my book. All good, worthwhile things that I wouldn't have time to do as much of if I was taking care of a baby. So, for now, our life is perfect for us. It's exactly what we should be doing. 

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