Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sam and Chas book club

I've always wanted to enjoy reading more than I actually do. Lately, I've been surprisingly into it and have found books to be some of my most effective tools in the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual building process. So I'm reading books both on my own and together with Chas. You see, while we were dating, we started a book club. (Don't feel bad if you weren't on the invite list. It's pretty exclusive.) It's a great way to build and strengthen our relationship together and ensure good snug (cuddle) time as well. Bonus!

Our first book was The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. Chas loves this series but I wasn't a huge fan. If I'm reading a book about a detective, I want to read about complex, tricky mysteries to solve, not so much little scenarios that I could just as easily have figured out. The best part about this book was getting to hear Chas do all the African voices as he read. Slowly, the African accents almost always morphed into Indian.
Our next book club book was The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura, or DL as my family affectionately calls her. No complaints here. As always, DL is right on. I recommend this to every wife.


Currently, we're just about to finish Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. This is one of the best books ever written. Every person should read it at least once before they die. In fact, I'm making it a requirement for all my students this coming fall semester to do just that. My usual comprehensive text book multiple choice final exam has been replaced by reading this book and then synthesizing their thoughts and impressions of the book together with their experience managing stress over the course of the semester and what they have learned about themselves and stress along the way. Brilliant? I think so. 

 Frankl's personal therapeutic theory, logotherapy, also holds a special place in my heart as it is the main theoretical basis upon which I support my own clinical practice. I also feels that it's the counseling theory that falls most closely in line with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Boo ya. 

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