Friday, July 16, 2010

taking care

Right now I'm kinda in a place where I'm on a quest of both personal and professional development. I feel a strong drive to build something, something meaningful. Ultimately, what I want most is to switch from taking care of others (in my clinical work) to taking care of my very own (kids and family). Chas reminded me the other night that I'm taking care of him right now. This is true. I also think he gets a bit nervous when I talk about wanting to start a family without either of us having the luxury of a full-time job with benefits. "All in good time, my baby," is what he tells me. So, right now, I'm being patient. I'm also being grateful for the ample amount of "me time" I have on hand as it affords me the opportunity to focus on building other things, things like my clinical art therapy skillzz and teaching skillzz. I also have decided to try to revisit some hard places, hard times in my life in an effort to create meaning from suffering. I keep feeling like I need to write a book. I'll write a separate post more about it soon but, for now, the most important thing to know is that I think this daunting and exciting undertaking will be worth it. That's what I'm telling myself.


Emily said...

One word - AFLAC. Check it out! :)

The Lusks said...

For sure write a book. I would read it. And have lots of cute little babies- follow the spirit and you will both know when it is the right time for you to expand your family.

candace said...

All in good time!! Oh man, waiting can be wannabe mantra--"Luke 21:19--In your patience possess ye your souls." You're so strong to carry on and do all these cool things while you wait. I hope you accomplish your dreams! all of them--in good time, of course.