Tuesday, July 13, 2010

here's the thing...

Lots has been going on. Lots of fun things that I definitely would have blogged about only if I felt like it. But the thing is, I kinda haven't cared about my blog lately. It's been rather nice just to sit back and experience the fun of the Dawson fam coming to town, for example, without having to record all the cute little details here. When writing on this blog ever starts to feel like a chore, that's when I don't do it. I only record my thoughts if I want to. Besides, I'm pretty sure I can count all the people who look at this blog all on one hand so no pressure, right? It's just my little bit of space on the www and sometimes I write on it and sometimes I don't. 


some things on my mind lately include stuff like this: 
Seems like babies are everywhere. I just want to see what a mix of me and Chas would look like, ok?
 I can't pull myself away from The Bachelorette.
Speaking of which, can we pah-leeze just fast forward to the part where Frank and Ali are in shambles? How could you, Frank? How could you? (I hate myself.)
Sometimes I forget how fun scootie is to ride in the summer. 
I think I need to write a book and I may have gotten the first two pages down. 
I also think I'm going to teach at UVU for the Fall semester. I know, I know, I swore in my wrath never again but...I guess I lied.
I'm really good at making smoothies. Last night we sipped our homemade fresh mango orange juliuses while watching Arrested Development.
Pretty sure Arrested Development makes us scream laugh. 
I have my fingers crossed for something too good to be true. If it works out, you'll be hearing about it. If not, you probably won't be.
We've been trying to be better at really studying the scriptures. The blessings that have already come are awesome and totally real. 
Pudge left for the MTC last week. I already miss her.
We had a "lay in" the last two Saturdays. It's our new favorite thing. All you have to do is spend the entire day in bed (eat breakfast, lunch, play games, take naps, watch movies, read books...in bed). 

That's all for now.


Geoff + Katie said...

ummm....Geoff and I also watched The Bachelorette (his choice--hes also addicted) and Arrested Development last night. Fact.

The Lusks said...

Good attitude on Blogging- I totally feel the same way about mine. And I bet little Chas/Sam babies would be ADORABLE.

Matt and Becca said...

Pretty sure Arrested Development is the funniest show I've ever seen! Jealous you guys get to watch it. I want to see you!!

P.S. I'm all for little Sami/Chas babies. They would ROCK! :)

candace said...

so C1 and I had a mango orange slushy last night...let's get our blenders together, eh??? Are you free some time next week?