Friday, August 20, 2010

back to school shopping

I very rarely buy clothes for myself these days but there's something about the fall that will probably always make me want to go shopping. It's called back to school shopping. Chas reminded me that I'm only "going to school" one night a week. 

Still counts.

I want these guys. 


Amanda, Jack, Corban, and Gabe said...

so dude. I have to confess. I made a bag for you. it started as just a crafty thing to do- but then I just thought it was so you that I needed to come up with a reason to give it to you. But then my sewing machine died before I got the strap on or the lining in- you have a choice my machine's goin' to get fixed *fingers crossed* soon but you can choose if you want an "across the body" strap or just a shoulder one like that cute mustard bow bag that is oh so adorable! so you pick. then sometime in the next WHILE when it's fixed and I can finish it you'll have a little bag to keep or toss. up to you :)

Olivia.Dee said...

TOMS shoes are the greatest most comfortable things ever invented. you must invest in a pair. I have the grey ones. so fabulous.