Friday, August 27, 2010

it's off to work I go

I've hit 50 pages for my book. That sounds like a lot to me. And, as evidenced by me writing this post, I'm finding it harder to focus. Cutie sis-in-law, Brynny, shared this little lecture with me and you should really watch it too. It's all about our "big ideas" and how easily we abandon them in the face of hard, consistent work. That's the stage I feel like I'm at right now with the book--the work, work, work part.

My mom reminds me that every effort you put forth, every hour you log, slowly chipping away at your goal, is seen by Heavenly Father. You are showing him that you are trying hard. That's when the blessings come--after we do all we can. 

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Brynn said...

Oh, snap! I got me a shout out on lovesamandchas! Besides being smart, don't you think this guy is groovy? Ben and I were commenting on his wardrobe. We like.

Also, I Love SO much what your mom said. What a terrific lady she is.