Thursday, August 26, 2010

new school clothes

It's Thursday night which means Chas is out playing basketball at the ward which means I have some free time on my hands which means I took pictures of my new clothes. 

There were tons of cute loose-y cardigans at T.J. Maxx. I grabbed this one because I thought the little cabbage roses down the side looked like Anthropologie and because it was $16. Win win. 

Speaking of cabbage roses, check this guy out. It actually looks surprisingly cute on. The sleeves are big and flouncy and it fits kinda loose, cropped just at the waist. With a long black t-shirt underneath and those little ties coming down, this was another $16 find.

American Eagle corduroy blazer you say? Yup, you guessed it: $16.

Did you really think I could not buy something this color? Get real. :) Actually, there's kinda a greenish tint to it. This is the soffiest fabric I've ever felt against my skin. Also, those long drapey sides make for endless possibilities (and when I say endless, I mean three): belt it, tie it up on the side, or let it hang loosey goosey. Also, it may even feel like you're wearing a cape, only in the front instead of the back. And who wouldn't want to wear a cape? This is the only one that was more than $16. But with the original price being $140, 25 little bones ain't that bad. 

(The last thing I snagged was a basic black scoop neck t-shirt but we all know what those look like.) 

Do I hate myself for doing an entire post about my clothing complete with commentary?...Maybe.
Do I periodically slide back my closet door just to look at these new guys hanging up at least once a day?...Mos def.


Eliza said...

Sweet threads! me loves. good deals, me loves even more!

BTW, I read your blog, I hope you will treat my little comments as a testament to that fact. May I say, I know how you feel. There are times when I think to myself - is ANYONE reading this (when I don't get many comments I really start to wonder).

Just so you know - I read every last post and look forward to them with great anticipation, dear sister-in-law!

Janssen said...

You are an obliging soul :)

Brynn said...

Oh, baby! Your new clothes are SA-ho CA-yute! And, oh, do I ever remember the first time I bought clothes as a newlywed. It was after quite an extended shopping drought and I remember loving them so much. So, I'm so glad you found such awesome items for what Ben Zimmer likes to a call "a screamin' deal." I can't wait to see them on yuhs!

Merrick said...

Love the new clothes! And I love that you dedicated a whole post to clothes.

Also, still reading! But I'm a little behind...blogs have gone on the back burner since the baby came along and I'm trying to get some painting understand :)

Allison said...

Ooooh I love the yellow cape-in-the-front one especially. Must...stay...away....from TJ Maxx...too...tempting...!!!

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