Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is anyone else...

...super excited when your blog gets a new "follower?" (21 today, baby!) 

...obsessed with all things pumpkin flavored? (Pumpkin spice eggnog is rocking our world this week.)

...really eager for your neighbor to move out so you can see the apartment? (So long big, barking, hairy dog!)

...aware of how hard it is to cut a spaghetti squash in half? (Chas did it.)

...having self-esteem issues after looking at certain perfect people's blogs? (Why do I suddenly hate myself now?)

...freaked out by some Halloween decoration choices? (I can't deal with scary faces.)

...wishing they had a small child to dress in matching family Halloween costumes? (We'd go as...I dunno, but I do know it would kill you will adorableness.)

...not impressed with the wait time at Big O Tires? (.............)

...kinda really into cutie Halloween foods? (We may have Google-imaged "Halloween desserts" last night. I dare you to try it.)

...feeling like you're the only loser who hasn't visited a darling pumpkin patch recently? (Ok, I honestly don't feel that bad about it.)



Janssen said...

No pumpkin patch visiting here.

Also, pumpkin scones are EXCELLENT and you can totally justify them as part of dinner.

Nikki and Fam said...

I'm 7 for 10-not bad!

Plus-did you know that you can make the BEST low fat pumpkin choc chip cookies with...

1 fat can pure pumpkin,
2 carrot cake or spice cake mixes,
choc chips,
15-20 min, 350.
(that's a whole lot though, I always do half.)


Miriam Lusk said...

We bought our pumpkins at Walmart. I know... how lame are we. I am such a halloween grinch this year. And I totally freak out every time I get a new follower. It is so lame, but it totally makes my day.

Eliza said...

No followers on my blog :(

Hmmm...usually but under the current circumstances nothing in the food department is normal for me. I might have loved your dinner that tasted like gym socks, gross, but true. (Just ask poor Jan - I am a weirdo!}

Be gone barking long haired dog. I would feel just like you.

yes. it is hard

was the blog in question Rock Star Diaries - b/c I read it today and thought my life stunk. I also had the most terrible thought, that I hope their baby is ugly. Am I jerk or what?! I felt bad after I had the thought, and ashamed. My telling you is part of the repentance process. thanks for listening.

I too am freaked out by Halloween decor and am looking forward to it all being put away. BRING ON XMAS!!

I bet I would hate Big O tires, just a guess, having never been there

I bought the special Martha Stewart Halloween bookazine, just for the food, baby! Right there with you.

We just bought our pumpkins two days ago. I don't think we will be carving them. SUPER LAME!

Jules Morrow said...

pumpkin eggnog. yum. i need to hit up a store stat. you are great. i think that self-esteem definitely correlates to social networking (whatever form it may be)

brandy said...

Cute post!

I can relate to a lot of these :) Especially the scary Halloween decorations. I'm actually glad Halloween is over now so my next door neighbor can take down their disturbing decorations. They were so bad they gave my kids nightmares. Isn't Halloween supposed to be fun and festive?

Thanks for letting me stop by!

jessica.adams said...

First of all, I love posts like these.

Second of all:
YES!!! I love new followers.
Yes (Haven't tried the eggnog but it sounds like a MUST.)
Can totally appreciate that. Especially when that neighbor causes you to have cockroaches.
Never tried.
Totally, yes.
Holy crap, yes.
OH MY! YES! (But only for a minute, then I realize how content I am with my quiet life.)
Hm... can't say I've noticed. I'm a Les Schwab gal.
Um, yeah! Only wish I would have had the time and talent to make some!
Yes. :(

Looks like we have a ton in common, which means I MUST stay in touch with you! :)