Friday, October 29, 2010

This little dinner

looks awesome, right? 
(Spaghetti squash with roasted veggies, feta, and fresh basil)

It wasn't.

Chas, at least, could stomach it. Working hard on a meal together only to have to end up tasting like foot locker is the wost. Almost ruined my whole night, in fact. 

But then I took a bubble bath and decided I was over it.
The end.


Miriam Lusk said...

BUmmer! We all have a flop now and then.

zlb said...

aw man! That is the worst. My mom and I love to just split a butternut squash in half and fill the seed holes with gorgonzola and pecans and roast it in the oven . . . HEAVENLY. Might be a good 'back in the saddle' meal?

candace said...

so guess what?? I made this dish this week too. But I loved it! Maybe I just have terrible taste...or maybe we should compare recipes some time!