Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy BOO-thday!

Today is Halloween but who cares about Halloween? I don't because today is Babetta Kelly's birthday. So much better.
Kinda like this cake me, Chas, and Liz made. I mean, what the heck!? Stop it. Did that really happen!?
I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone involved when I say putting the finishing touches on that cake is basically in the top...7(ish?) proudest moments of our lives. Basically.


Eliza said...

LOVE IT! Looks great! I heard all about the cake from the birthday girl when I spoke to her on the phone. She was GLOWING!

Just read Tess' post about the fab weekend. Sounds like a total BLAST

The cake is a revelation in frosting. My fave is the "boo yah" grave. Note to family: please have that put on my head stone.

Love you guys so much!!

Rock on!

Allison said...

That might have hit even higher on my top proudest moments list. That is a pretty proud moment. What I mean is, awwwesome cake!