Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday night time

For our Halloween activity, Chas and I snuck into apartment #1 Sunday night. The previous tenant was supposed to be all moved out but still had tons of stuff everywhere. The place was destroyed. Seriously looked like a meth lab. With flashlights in hand, we tiptoed around inside. It freaked us out. 
I've had a bad cold for three days now....Aaachhoo! It's weird how stuffy my head has been and how I can't seem to connect the dots when I'm speaking. All I can say is, it made sense in my head.

Tonight, after scripture study, I told Chas how a chocolate shake sounded really yummy. Five minutes later, he was happily out the door to buy some milk for said shakes. I love that man. 

Remember those little stripey prints? Well, we're getting them- custom Italy included. 

Little sister, Hailey, comes home from her mission this month. I. can't. wait.

Tonight we realized how much we spent eating out in October. Gonna see if we can go the whole month of November without eating out. We're a little nervous. 

There's a girl in my class who totally rocks the cutest bleach blond dreads. Every Tuesday night, I leave class wanting those same dreads. My hair is so boring.

One of my good friends from grad school is starting this week at the hospital. I'm trying to convince her to live in the Avenues with us. Having a good friend close by would be so nice.

The book is over 85 pages now and starting to come together. Three people have read the roughy rough draft. So far, so good. Just gotta keep chipping away at it.

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That is all.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Just found your blog & I LOVE IT :)!

Miriam Lusk said...

You are too cute. Glad your book is going well! Keep it up! Can't wait to buy it someday.

candace said...

I can't beleive I wasn't a follower already. THat's been remedied.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I think you were linked on a blog I already read? Just stumbled upon you really :) But happy I did!
p.s. I totally have the same desire for dreds. If you go the UofU I think I know which girl you are speaking of. She makes them look so dang cute!

nicole said...

i love mindy gledhill! i seriously just found her music yesterday! you can go to her website and get a free download. just an FYI :)

nicole said...

friend of a friends you know how it goes :)