Sunday, October 17, 2010

just so you know

The ATR celebration weekend was a huge success. 

We both left work early on Friday and checked in at this hotel in Park City that my family and I would always stay at years ago. It has an indoor/outdoor swimming pool. Nuff said. We walked up and down Main Street a few times in search of the absolute best place to eat a fancy dinner. It's funny how when you're about to spend some serious cash on food, you suddenly become paralyzed with fear about where to eat. Once the choice is made, you're committed and there's nothing worse than gross expensive food. We finally decided on The Purple Sage. It was the right choice. Yum yum in the tum tum!

The rest of the night was spent watching a little T.V. (which actually feels like a luxury when you don't own a television), being reminded that T.V. is pretty weird, soaking in the hot tub, and playing in the indoor/outdoor pool (of course).

After breakfast the next day, we drove back to Salt Lake, saw It's Kind of a Funny Story, and loved it. Remember how art therapy ends up saving the main character's life? No joke. 

We also explored an Avenues open house just for kicks (which made me want to buy a house real bad), took a nap while Chas watched the Yankees game, and went to dinner with my parents. 

We were gonna hit up an art exhibit sponsored by NAMI showcasing artwork done entirely by people with mental illness but forgot that art galleries are dumb like banks and close early. The show runs until November 6th so, luckily, we still have time to check it out. Which we will.  

But I'd really have to say that my favorite part of our whole celebration weekend was hearing Chas call me his ATR Queen as he opened the car door for me.

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