Sunday, October 17, 2010

we MAY have planned this

And when I say "we" I mean Chas. 

(Pretend like we're not nerds and don't almost always end up accidentally coordinating our church outfits every Sunday) but today, after Chas saw my dress, he asked if it would be too weird if he was  super matchy-patchy with me on purpose. Yes, it probably would be weird and yes, please do. Also, because we're that awesome, we tried to get a picture of our darling outfits together but were already 20 mins late for church and apparently Chas is too tall for our computer's Photo Booth camera lens. And settle for a picture that didn't include the bright orange tie? Yeah right.

Our matching shoes give you an idea of how amazing we were today.


Eliza said...

love the tootsies.

you already know how I feel about matchy-matchy.

So glad you guys had such a wonderful weekend.

Congratulations, Sam!

Three cheers for the queen!

Rachel said...

Michael does that to me daily (when he's not going to work anyway)... try to match me. Drives me crazy and yet it's so adorable! :)