Saturday, October 23, 2010

midnight coloring

Late last night Chas reminded me that we were supposed to do some coloring again, like I had asked him the day before. Ok, I love you. 

That's mine. A Wellies-wearing pup playing in the falling leaves, of course. 
This is Chas' first attempt. 

Maniac big leaf went from bad to worse. Still not sure what he was really going for there. All I know is that guy's looking a little...strung out.
Do over. 

Check it out. Ghosty with a fro. This is the rill dill. 
We finished a little before 1am. When we color, we mean business. 


Eliza said...

I bet Millie would love to join you in your coloring fests..only not so late at night :)

Did you get the letter she sent you?

Eliza said...

we received your package today. Millie went NUTS. I wish I'd filmed it.
It went down like this:

Me: Oh, Mills, there is a package here for you (anything that isn't a letter qualifies for a package in these parts, we live large)
Millie: Really?!
Me: Yes.
She looks at the package.
Millie: Is it really for me? (we also love to milk things - again, part of living large)
Me: Read it and see.
She reads her name and then starts screaming (no joke - screaming)
We pull out the letters and pictures and read them. She swoons.
Me: Should we put the pictures on the fridge?
Millie: Yes! And the letters too!!

Thanks, you made a little girl very happy today.


Mariel Torres said...

this is too cute darling! :)