Monday, November 22, 2010

sick boots

I really want these boots. Really

The last two Mondays I've been home sick. Weird. Today is worse than last week. 
A part of me wonders if it's all because I don't want to go into work starting at 9am on Monday mornings and this is how my body rebels. Whatever. Next week, no matter what, I'm there. Once I'm working I almost always feel better. Plus, staying home is boring and I feel kinda guilty for not being out, making moola like Chas. 

I don't think that boy has stayed home once from work since we've been married. Sometimes I try to convince him to take the day off with me and have a mid-week play day. Still no luck. I guess someone's gotta be the responsible one.


kylee said...

hope you feel better soon!

Miriam Lusk said...

LOVE the boots

Amy said...

These boots are fabulous! Love them! Hope you feel better soon love!

Anonymous said...

ugh. JJ is the same way. and he never gets sick, only once a year. what the freak?

those boots are uhmazing. i have to find a glorious pair to add to my wishlist, and i think these are going to be the ones.

feel better missy!!

ashley.warner said...

get better.
take some time for yourself.
have some real 'me' time...even if its just treating yourself to those cute boots! :)

get better QUICK!

MJ said...

Hope you get feeling better soon, I've been sick too but I can't tell if my body just thinks it's sick because it doesn't want to go to work and and school and be responsible. I think it's just time for a break... thank goodness it's thanksgiving this week!

Those boots are adorable! You should get them! I recently got some brown moto boots very similar and I LOVE THEM!

Mandy said...

We always try to make deals to make the other person stay home but in our case I am the responsible one. So funny.

And those boots are gorgeous!

Natalie said...

I go through the same thing every morning! Sometimes i think i feel sick too just because i hate going in to work in the morning, but if I didn't have to work I would probably be bored.... hope you feeo better! Also, thanks for following my blog! I am now reading yours too!

Biscuit McGhee said...

Did you get the boots? They're so so so cute and what a perfect color to wear with just about everything!

Young People in Love said...

hey Biscuit McGhee!

YES I DID GET THE BOOTS! And yes I HAVE worn them basically everyday since then :) I'll have to take a picture soon, eh?