Thursday, November 18, 2010

you spin me right round, baby, right round

I remember there being lots and lots of twirling hugs this time last year. Probably at least one a day.

Then I painted a surprise for Chas. 

This is us twirling under shooting stars. Our first kiss was under a meteor shower. Chas served his LDS mission in Italy. "Ti volgio bene per sempre" means "I want good for you always." Cutest.

Then we got married and this happened:

This is us outside the Draper, Utah temple. Most newlyweds do a dip kiss.
Not us.

We don't twirl nearly as much anymore. But the sense of grabbing onto that boy so tightly, giggling, and spinning fast is kinda how every day of my happy, happy life feels. 


Amy said...

How sweet! I've never been spun around quite like that before. I'm going to try suggesting it to Justin lol. Love the sweet photos, especially the people in the background clapping! Tell that boy to spin you around this weekend! Something to get giddy about!

Anonymous said...

Um. I hate to add such an ugly thing like jealousy into the mix, but seriously, this entire post made me so jealous.

1. your family is sick with talent. that painting is glorious, and can you please start selling them?
2. your first kiss was under a meteor shower? oh, cool, now you should have your own romantic movie.
3. your hubs served a mission in italy?? that is so beautiful and cool and awesome.
4. your pictures are amazing.

i'll try to redeem myself: i absolutely LOVE your blog and love this post. you are glorious :)

Mary Nevin said...

i'm new to the blog and it's just wonderful!! the twirling is just so endearing and beautiful, of course i'm biased :) hope you have a great weekend and i'll definitely be following your adventures!!

Sarah loves it all said...

This is so crazy, but I came over to your blog via life done properly. (Jess is a friend of mine) I read through some of your posts and noticed how neat you are, and then I saw that somehow you know Mayce and Ethan who are ALSO friends of mine! Glad I stopped by! You are so talented!

Eva said...

that's too cute! and a first kiss under a meteor shower is soo romantic :)

Brooke said...

THAT IS SO CUTE!!!! oh my gosh, I want my boyfriend to twirl me now haha

hiven said...

So lovely. x hivennn.