Wednesday, December 15, 2010

oh hey, there's our old living room

Remember when Chas was asked to work on the Christmas Mormon Message and then a film crew was in our living room

Watch this video and see if you can spy with your little eye these two angles from our old place.

(It's ok if you cry. I almost did.)

Our cute and cozy first apartment together will always live on forever through this Mormon Message.
I like that.


Jessica said...

so exciting!

Erica said...

What a beautiful video. I recognized your apartment! That's so fun!

MJ said...

How fun to see your apartment in this video! Does your husband do work with Bonneville Communications? (I just ask because I do accounting for them, and I know they work on stuff like this all the time!)

Eliza said...

That was awesome - knowing how much that place means to Chas it is neat to have it be the back drop of such a wonderful piece.

It sure got me (the old water works were in action) and I loved it.

thanks for sharing it!

Miriam Lusk said...

How cool! And your apartment was kinda rockin.

Shalyn said...

Aw, I love Mormon messages- how fun that your apartment was in one! That pretty much makes you famous!

Nikki and Fam said...

I forgot til about 2 minutes in to look for your spaces, what a great message. It's lovely to know the love of your life is spending his time that way!
Thanks for sharing! (You should show us pics of your new place.)