Thursday, December 16, 2010

some things you should know

This is what my Shining Star cereal looked like this morning. It's basically cherry vanilla lucky charms only it would probably be more efficient to just put a syringe of sugar to my forearm. Also, the residue left in the pink milk sparkled. Like I was eating glitter. As you can tell, I have mixed emotions about the whole experience.

I've recently rediscovered my love of Silk soy milk. Maybe I drank the entire carton of mint chocolate Silk in less than 24 hours. And maybe I wish I had bought...6?...cartons. And maybe I wish I was drinking some right this minute more than almost anything else in the world. 

Last night we made the transition from the "oh-we-don't-even-own-a-t.v." couple to the "come-over-and-check-out-our-sweet-huge-flat screen" couple. It's kinda a scary thrill to drop some serious benjees all at once. We feel like real people now. 

And last, but not least, it's time for me to re-color my hair. I've stuck with the same shade for a some time now and while it works well for me, I'm just itching for a serious change. And because pink isn't super realistic (dang jiggity), I grabbed this box in the hair dye aisle on Tuesday.  

 Dark brown reddish? With my fair, fair skin, it'll either totally wash me out or...make me look like Snow White...maybe? I'm worried.


kylee said...

new hair! so excited for you. i think i need to dye mine sometime soon. post pictures after? i bet it will look great!

Lindsey Johnson said...

I'm all for trying out new hair colors. You are so lovely anyway, but I want to see pics too.

Try the dark chocolate almond milk. If you like the soy, you'll love the almond. SO GOOD.

Shalyn said...

I am excited to see the new color- I bet its gorgeous!Welcome to the TV club;-)

HettyA said...

Yes :) can't wait to see the new color! I'm sure you'll look beautiful.

Rach said...

ha. I love your comment about looking like snow white. as a fair skinned girl that loves to dye her hair dark...i know exactly what you mean!