Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As you may or may not have already noticed, Chas is the star of this blog.

And as such, we have another post featuring our very own Charles (in charge)!


Here Chas is displaying quite nicely his very own, original painting...circa 2nd grade. My mother-in-law had it framed and surprised me with this. Seriously one of the best Christmas presents ever. And, yes, I definitely did cry when I opened it. As an art therapist, I'm a sucker for children's art in general. But baby Chas children's art?? Kill me now with cuteness.

And maybe I've semi-analyzed baby Chas' art and maybe I've made connections between the painting and Chas' personality. Ok, ok I did...6 minutes after unwrapping it.  :)  Here's what I see:

I see so much fun, bright, happy colors inside not just one, but two square containers. And that's exactly Chas- fun, bright goodness all carefully contained...twice. In other words, Chas has loads of light and happiness all contained and kept quietly inside a very gentle, very humble outside. 

Every time I see this painting displayed in our living room, I'm reminded of all that's on the inside.


Olivia.Dee said...

this is amazing. i now what baby B artwork for our home.

Alissa Nicolau said...

So sweet!

Megan said...

So cute! What a fun decoration to have!

I'm AE Jones said...

You should write a post sometime more about what you do as an art therapist - I'm incredibly intrigued. It sounds amazing. And what a thoughtful gift from your mother-in-law!!

Shalyn said...

That is so cute that his mom still has that! And can I please second the comment above? I would love to know as well!